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    Can Garage Door Panels Be Replaced?

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    Can Garage Door Panels Be Replaced?

    • Panel Replacement Possible: Damaged panels in garage doors can usually be replaced, but the choice between replacing a panel or the whole door depends on the door’s age and the extent of damage.
    • Considerations for Decision: For older doors, matching a new panel can be challenging, while new doors facilitate easier panel replacement. Significant damage might require a full door replacement for safety.
    • Multiple Damaged Panels: If more than one panel is damaged, it’s typically more feasible to replace the entire garage door.

    Many modern garage doors are constructed out of several panels – which makes it easier for them to be opened and neater for them to be tucked away when open. This design also means that you get more storage space in your garage and more parking space on your drive.

    Sometimes, individual panels can get damaged or become subject to greater wear and tear than others, at which time the question arises: is it better to replace an individual panel or just get a whole new door?

    JB Garage Doors team member fitting a new double garage door

    This month, we’re taking a look at this commonly asked question.

    Can garage door panels be replaced?

    The simple answer to this is ‘yes’. Individual panels in a garage door can usually be replaced – whether you really want to, however, is a different question!

    There are a number of factors involved that might affect your decision. 

    • How old is the door?

    If your garage door is already quite old and no longer looking as good as it used to, perhaps you might want to get the whole door replaced. After all, what’s the point in having one bright and gleaming new panel if the rest of the door is looking old and worn? Meanwhile, if the door is really old, you might struggle to find a replacement that fits and matches the rest of the door.

    On the other hand, if it’s a new door it should be relatively straightforward to source and replace a matching panel. Unless you really know what you’re doing, however, we’d strongly recommend getting an expert in to do the work.

    • How badly has the panel been damaged? 

    If the damage is minor enough that it looks unsightly, but is unlikely to have caused more extensive issues, then getting a replacement panel could well be the best way to go. It would certainly be quicker and cheaper than having a whole new door.

    However, if you’ve caused more substantial damage to your panel, by perhaps driving into it, chances are that you may have caused more extensive issues that could affect the wider structure or workings of the door. If this is the case, it’s worth getting a professional in to take a look, but this kind of more serious damage is likely to require a replacement door for safety reasons.

    • How many panels have been damaged?

    Of course, sometimes more than one panel can get damaged. After all, if you’ve bumped into your garage door with the car, you’ll be lucky if you’ve done it so precisely that you’ve managed to hit just the one.

    Once more than one panel is in need of replacement, then it’s probably time to bite the bullet and accept that you’re far better off getting a whole new door.

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