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    Can an Insulated Garage Door Reduce Your Energy Bill?

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    Can an Insulated Garage Door Reduce Your Energy Bill?

    • Energy Savings: Insulated garage doors reduce energy bills by preventing heat loss, particularly beneficial for attached garages.
    • Design: These doors have a double-skinned structure with insulating material, enhancing thermal efficiency.
    • Types for Insulation: Roller and sectional doors are efficient, often coming with standard insulation.
    • Additional Benefits: Insulated doors offer improved security, noise reduction, and increased property value, while making the garage space more versatile.

    With winter in full swing and icy temperatures arriving once more, your central heating has probably been put to work in recent weeks. Over the past year or so, energy bills have risen to unprecedented levels and, unfortunately, there’s no sign of this decreasing any time soon. In fact, energy bills this year are expected to be 50% higher than the same period two years ago.

    With this in mind, many homeowners may now be looking at how to reduce this figure and achieve some much-needed energy savings. One often overlooked way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to invest in an insulated garage door.

    But do insulated garage doors actually make a difference? The team here at JB Garage Doors is here to answer all of your questions.

    Why is garage door insulation important?

    Older garage doors are often more prone to draughts due to their outdated design and lack of insulation or seals. 

    But can an insulated garage door reduce your energy bills? In short, yes! An uninsulated garage door represents a weak point in your home’s thermal envelope and you could be losing a substantial amount of heat through it. If your garage is attached to your property, this can impact the rest of your home too, as the cold temperatures can easily penetrate the adjacent rooms. Not only is this unpleasant, but it also means your heating will be working overtime, likely resulting in a more expensive energy bill.

    How does an insulated garage door work?

    A typical insulated garage door has a double-skinned design. A layer of insulating material, usually polyurethane foam, will be sandwiched between two panels, usually constructed from aluminium or steel. This provides an extra layer of protection to minimise heat transfer and make your garage door more thermally efficient.

    Best garage doors for energy efficiency

    When considering the most energy-efficient garage door types, roller garage doors and sectional garage doors often emerge as the two most popular styles. As they are fixed directly to the door frame, both roller and sectional garage doors feature limited gaps, meaning there are fewer opportunities for cold air to infiltrate. Furthermore, both of these styles typically come automated, which ensures swift and precise opening and closing to reduce the length of time your garage is exposed to the elements. Here at JB Garage Doors, our sectional and roller garage doors are usually insulated as standard. We can also automate your existing garage door for you if you’d like to maximise convenience and improve energy efficiency.

    Sectional Garage Doors - JB Garage Doors

    Benefits of an insulated garage door

    As well as reduced energy bills, insulated garage doors offer a whole host of benefits to any home, including:

    • Enhanced security: The additional layers of insulation make your garage door far more robust, providing an extra barrier against forced entry.
    • Noise reduction: Insulation can muffle and reduce transmission of noise both inside and outside of your garage – ideal for if you live in a busy area.
    • Increased property value: Potential buyers value energy efficiency, meaning an insulated garage door is a highly sought-after feature that may even boost your property value.
    • Longevity: Insulation helps to improve the durability of your garage door, making it more resistant to weather damage and wear and tear, ultimately resulting in a longer lifespan.
    • A more comfortable space: Nowadays, many people may choose not to use their garage for vehicle storage and instead transform it into a more usable space. Garage door insulation helps to regulate temperature to make your garage a more comfortable environment – perfect for a workspace or home gym.

    Are you looking to reduce your energy bills this winter? Why not invest in an insulated garage door replacement from JB Garage Doors? We’re experts in garage door installation and have been serving customers across Sevenoaks, Canterbury, Rochester and the wider Kent region for over 50 years. Get in touch with our friendly team today to obtain a free quote or to find out more about the insulated options we have available from some of the leading manufacturers.

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